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Upper lip tie

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captaincake Wed 09-Sep-15 13:14:38

DS had a 100% tongue tie snipped as a small baby and all has been well. However he also had a significant top lip tie. He is now 15 months and I am concerned about future dental problems as it's keeping his top middle two teeth apart, and discomfort. Dr says they don't snip them because it doesn't cause feeding or speech problems. Does anyone have any experience with this? If my concerns are unfounded and it's fine as it is I'll leave it obviously but if it's a good idea I'd want to get it done privately. Or, now that he's a toddler is it better to wait till he's a bit older? I have read they can be lasered when they're older. I just don't want any permanent dental problems to occur before having it done if it's needed.

ifgrandmahadawilly Wed 09-Sep-15 13:35:06

There's actually a really good, active lip tie support group on facebook. Lots of pictures / support and advice about how to get it dealt with and contact details for professionals experienced in dealing with it.

Ignorance of lip tie among health workers is quite prevalent (I've heard that dentists are more knowledgable about it than GP's).

Apparently it can cause dental decay but I have heard that most people leave lip ties in-tact until the child is around 7-8 because most kids will fall over at some point and split the tie themselves.

I have a 23 month old with an uncut lip tie - hers is quite thin but extends behind her teeth to her top palate (I didn't notice it until her top teeth came through around 9 months). So far we haven't had any problems with speech but it can make teeth brushing a little complicated and uncomfortable.My daughter had a big gap between her top teeth until her other teeth came in and sort of squeezed them together around the lip tie.

Current thinking in the medical establishment is that lip tie it doesn't cause problems feeding but in my experience, this is incorrect. My daughter would feed around the clock when she was a baby and every feed would be at least an hour and a quarter long. She was never able to take a bottle.

chubbytubbybyebye Wed 09-Sep-15 14:02:59

My daughter had this. They wouldn't do anything. It didn't affect her eating or talking and I spoke to the dentist about it. We kept an eye on it and it has now split by itself. She is 4.

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