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DS refuses to have medicine!

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CornishYarg Sat 05-Sep-15 11:26:12

DS is almost 4 and has just had a bout of impetigo. The GP prescribed a course of antibiotics and (thank god) we've just finished the course.

But as usual it was sheer hell to get DS to take it. He screams, kicks, tries to hit the medicine out my hand, runs away etc. I've explained lots of times why he needs it, let him choose between a spoon or syringe, given his cuddly toys medicine and even tried bribing him. But it hasn't helped. So because he has to have the antibiotic, I've had to resort to holding him down which takes a lot of strength and must hurt him. Which leads to lots of tears from both of us but I just don't know what else to do. Every time, we have a chat after where I say sorry and say it would be so much easier for both of us if he complied. And every time he says he'll take it nicely next time but he doesn't.

I know that I'm just making things worse by having to force him to take it but I genuinely don't know what else to do. Please help!

shazzarooney99 Sat 05-Sep-15 18:17:55

Once a doctor couldnt get medicine down my son, but a nurse did, theres a specail technique i never did get the hang of it, it was a case of force it down him or let him suffer

BarbarianMum Mon 07-Sep-15 09:54:19

Stop apologising to him! If he needs the medicine, he needs the medicine and - at 4 - he's old enough to cooperate. I suggest that you sit him down, ask for his input in what would make taking it easier (something to take the taste away /holding his nose) and make it clear that hereafter he gets a consequence every time you need to restrain him (and lots of praise if he takes it nicely without a fuss).

<This may sound harsh but I had a medicine disliker who occasionally had to take emergency meds for anaphylaxis. No way did we have time to argue about that>

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