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Anxiety attacks getting worse - 15 year old step son

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poweredbytoast Mon 24-Aug-15 11:51:43


Background: Dss lives with us most of the time, stays with his mum during holidays as it is nearer to his friends. Parents split when he was 3, have ok relationship.
He started having anxiety attacks at school in autumn term last year. He missed weeks of school. He could do some lessons but not others and at some points could not even get himself inside the school building. He cannot pinpoint any starting point. We struggled on in the second term, lots of support from school and his many friends but things didn't improve until summer term when he was moved from top to 2nd set maths.
However, he has gone downhill in the holidays and has been virtually housebound. He has not been able to meet up with friends and has come home to me today, burst into tears and said "If this is what life is like, I don't want to do it anymore".
He was referred to CAMHS and has had some sessions but hates going and says it doesn't help. He can't carry on like this but we are at a loss - does anyone have any advice, please?

amarmai Wed 26-Aug-15 13:30:09

Would it be possible to get a complete medical work up, bloods etc Even if it does not give info, maybe the doctor can direct where to get further help. It certainly sounds urgent so try everything. Sorry not much help but couldn't read and pass on.

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