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will daughter loose her dla if had her hearing sids taken away she has other problems

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leigh2527 Mon 17-Aug-15 22:29:36

My daughter has had her hearing aids removed today as her hearing has returned back to normal after nearly 4 years. She will return back to audiology in 2months to see if she needs them back or not. So ybey are saying this is a temporary thing at the moment. I am wondering if she will still recieve her DLA. She has a significant speech delay and is under speech therapy this affects her ability to speak to others and form relationships, her social development has been affected by her problems. She sees a pyschologist for her behaviour as she becomes easily frustrated when she can not understand what others are saying or when others can not understand her this can csuse her to bite or hit herself. She also needs help when she gets in this situation in order to calm herself down. She is seen bu the SEN at school as she has an overall development delay she is 4, 5 in October & working at the age of a 22-36 month old according to her teacher. She has a visual impairement and is seen regular by the peadiatrician to monitor all concerns regarding my daughter. She has mobility issues as she falls all the time and has to be watched closely as she Does not always tell you when she falls over this is at both home and school. She can not follow simple instructions and her understanding is not like other children her age. Anyone know where i stand?

zzzzz Mon 17-Aug-15 22:34:51

sounds like she will still be eligible as her other issues significantly impact her life (and presumably yours). You should contact DLA to clarify but given your description I think you will be fine.

leigh2527 Mon 17-Aug-15 22:43:30

Hi. Thankyou dont get me wrong im over the moon that her hearings improved. Thats all ive ever wanted smile I just didnt know whether to just close my daughters DLA case or put forward how her other problems still affect her on a daily basis. And since then she has had furthur problems which i need to inform them about. Thankyou for your reply.

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