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2 nearly 3 year old & no 2's

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superbabysmummy Mon 17-Aug-15 15:40:47

DD is really struggling with no 2's. She refuses to go until she absolutely has too by which point she's in pain and it tears her which isn't nice. She asks to go but gets to the toilet and says she doesn't need to, this can happen for a day or so before she actually gives in and goes.

She basically does one massive poo every 3 days and it makes her cry...have a doc appt. booked for Wed.

Any advice in the meantime would be greatly appreciated ... Poor thing finds it really awful hmm

sparkysparkysparky Tue 18-Aug-15 09:17:45

We had this. It is very upsetting for all. A diet high in soluble fibre (we also gave dilute prune juice) will help keep things moving. Warm orange juice was suggested but that didn't take with us. Might work for others. But it was going to the loo itself that was the problem.
Sitting on the loo and blowing either real or pretend bubbles actually gets the right muscles working for pushing things out. I got this tip from a specialist that I had to see for an MS related problem - sorry for tmi.
I tried it with dd and she liked to blow a huge pretend bubble that floated up, landed on me and encased me. With comic results grin Eventually, going to the loo was less of a drama and more fun. And now it is no big deal at all.
Good luck. And chat to a GP if it is really making no progress.

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