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Recurrent ear infections - recent ones triggered by hospital examinations?

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EagleRay Thu 13-Aug-15 23:08:42

2yo DD has had frequent ear infections since she was very young (always same ear) and about a year ago we discovered she was intolerant to various foods, which would seem to be the cause, or at least a major contributor.

She has several infections each year, but they started to lessen a bit once we started eliminating various foods from her diet (under the instruction of hospital dietician).

Earlier in the year, around Feb, she was seen by an ENT consultant who looked inside her ear. I remember saying to the doctor (and touching wood!) that she hadn't had an ear infection for quite a while. And then just two days later she gets an ear infection.

She then doesn't have any more, and fast forward to a week ago when we go back there for another appointment. Ears are examined again, and I tell the doctor when the last infection was (easily remembered as it tied in with just after the last appointment).

And bizarrely, DD has this week got another ear infection! It doesn't seem too bad, but is disappointing as health-wise she seems to be doing really well on her restricted diet.

I'm thinking/hoping that it's just pure coincidence that her last two ear infections have come days after having the ear examined, but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? It just seems a bit odd!

DeeWe Sat 15-Aug-15 09:47:56

I think that's likely to be just a fluke. Ds had ear infections, round about 20-30 a year until he had grommets at just under 2yo. And still has several a year when grommets aren't in,and I've never noticed that.

AnotherTimeMaybe Sat 15-Aug-15 16:04:12

I was about to say did the ENT suggest grommets? They help the ear drain the fluid and hence the chance for an infection is minimal

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