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2 year old having GA, any tips?

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TeaRex Thu 13-Aug-15 10:54:16

My daughter needs to have a GA next week for joint injections (due to recently diagnosed arthritis) I'm pleased she's having this done as it will really help her but I'm a bit nervous about it and am looking for any advise on how to make the whole thing as easy as possible for her.

Does anyone have any advice or good ideas about what to do on the day/day after or what to expect? I know she'll struggle with the lack of food and drink but otherwise feel really unprepared with how to help her?

Footle Thu 13-Aug-15 14:52:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gasman Thu 13-Aug-15 19:42:50

The Royal College of Anaesthetists have leaflets on their website which were written specially for kids - Rhys Bear is for younger ones and Davy the detective for those 7+. There is also a good factual non cartoon leaflet for teenagers.

Lots of hospitals now have YouTube videos designed to help kids prepare. If yours doesn't (google it) then this one is Ok.

My advice would be to be factual about it and positive. Kids are really sensitive - if the pick up their parent is anxious it makes them anxious too....

My other top tip would be to follow the fasting instructions carefully eg. If it is an afternoon list and you've been told to give early breakfast please do...clear fluids (water or squash) are positively encouraged up to 2 hours beforehand.

IME most kids don't fuss too much about the food it is thirst that is the killer so waking up to have a drink extra early (our morning cases are told before 06:30) can really pay off.

Some corruption and bribery to entertain if she isn't first on the list doesn't go amiss either although most wards have a good selection of toys, games and crafts.

Oh... And if you are going to a children's hospital remember all the patients are kids and someone will be first and someone will be last. I had a really frustrating day a few weeks ago when every parent (bar one) complained about their child not being done first....

elliejjtiny Thu 13-Aug-15 21:34:07

My 2 year old has had 8 ga's so I have plenty of experience.

If she wears nappies, change her just before she goes down to theatre so you can tell more easily if she has done a post op wee or not.

Go on a pre admission visit to the ward if you can.

The gas anaesthetic is nicer than the needle imo.

Bring food for afterwards. My DS is always really hungry and a piece of toast is never enough.

Bring a good book and a cold drink for you.

They normally put 2 year olds in beds. If you'd rather have a cot, phone the ward the day before and ask.

Hope it goes well.

TeaRex Fri 14-Aug-15 20:04:15

Thank you all flowers that's all been really helpful, it makes me feel useful knowing what to expect and how best to make it as stress free for her on the day as I can.

vjg13 Sat 15-Aug-15 08:17:41

My daughter has had a lot of anaesthetics and surgery. Also agree about taking her own favourite snacks from home for after and a cup or beaker, banana, yoghurt, clear juice etc. Sometimes my daughter has refused the hospital ones because she is very suspicious by this stage.

Childrens' wards do have toys but also take any stickers, little books, iPad etc to entertain whilst waiting.

We always have a break off the ward during the actual procedure and have a drink, just for 20 mins or so which helps me stop clock watching.

I usual find the actual day ok but the run up awful and I don't sleep so if you're like this expect to feel shattered after.

Hope all goes well and it passes quickly.

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