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Ear wax in 3yr old causing hearing problems

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AnotherRandom Wed 12-Aug-15 10:49:40

Hi all - very frustrated with this one.

My 3 year old has compacted earwax in both of her ears. About 2 months ago (maybe more) we went to the GP who checked and prescribed some olive oil drops. I have used these every day 2-3 times and no earwax has come out of her ears.

I took her back to the GP about 3 weeks ago because we have noticed it is affecting her hearing. Some examples: she is always asking us to repeat ourselves, shouts a lot, mispronounces her words, sits close to the tv or asks for it to be louder.

The doctor checked her ears again and said they have a lot of ear wax and told me about micro suction. She said she will get the kit in and call me back in to sort it out.

Two days later I get a call from the surgery saying to come in. I go see the nurse who tells me they don't do micro suction. She checked her ears and clarified they are very blocked up and the GP will need to refer her to ENT.

Today I called to see if the referral has been put in only to be told by a snotty receptionist that the doctor has said no and to continue using the olive oil drops and see what happens. I am absolutely fuming.

What on earth am I supposed to do? I have requested the gp call me back today so I can discuss this with her as I am furious this has lingered for so long sad

EldonAve Wed 12-Aug-15 20:19:25

Try your HV - they may be able to do an ENT referral

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