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13yr old DS hyper at home and not sleeping.

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AgadorSpartacus Mon 10-Aug-15 11:57:23

I've no idea if this is the right place for this but it seems as good as any.

I wondered if this was something that others had come across because I'm not sure where to start with it.
DS is 13 (14 in Feb). At home he is quite, I don't know if hyper is the word, it certainly seems to fit.
We have constant tapping, humming, noises, can't sit still, talks incessantly, interrupts, can't stay focussed, quite loud, distracted from things by sights or sounds or a random thought or a passing bloody fly.
At school or anywhere else for that matter he is known as mature, steady, reliable, the 'go to' guy if anything needs doing.
His school work is not progressing as it could. We're not sure of why although it could be linked in with the fact that he finds it hard to sleep. He can't settle. He's quite an anxious boy and always has been. For example, last night he stayed at my mums house overnight with DD. he couldn't sleep and the more he stayed awake the worse it got. He stretched and rotated his shoulder. It hurt and made the not sleeping worse. Then he started to have a panic attack which he's never had before. He ended up waking my Mum at 2 in the morning because he was quite scared.
It seems most nights he reads for a long time before he can sleep which is adversely affecting him during the day.
We are just trying to unpick all this and figure out how we could help him and is this an age thing or not. He is an early riser and always has been. It doesn't matter how late he gets to sleep he always wakes early.

Don't know where to start to help him really.

Eva50 Mon 10-Aug-15 16:28:04

You describe my ds3 perfectly. He has just turned 9 and has all the same issues. Every teacher he has had has mentioned his poor concentration and difficulty in staying on task but in the same breath say how well he gets on with everyone and how perfectly behaved and well mannered he is. I think he has ADD but the school disagree. Until now I haven't pushed for a diagnosis but he has been feeling more anxious over the last while and that may sway me if it doesn't improve.

Ds1 (19) has ADHD and was a real trial similar but was not an anxious child. Ds2 (almost 18) has ASD and does suffer from anxiety but he is usually able to pinpoint what he is anxious about and I can intervene and it's sorted. With ds3 he appears to be anxious for no reason I can fathom which makes it difficult to know how best to help him.

It may be worth speaking to your GP for a referral for some help for him.

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