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8 yo with anxiety after UTI

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Pipsicle Sun 09-Aug-15 13:42:31

Trying to cut a long story short my 8 yo DD had her first UTI 3 months ago. After physically feeling better she was left with a fear of wetting herself (even though she never did when she had her UTI!) and it was extremely difficult to get her to leave the house to even go to school as home felt safe. She had 4 sessions (last one at beginning of July) with a local NLP counsellor who specialises in working with children. These helped her confidence and although we weren't living a 'normal' life (constantly had to plan for toilet stops, where toilet would be) we were able to get out and about with DD for periods of an hour to 1hr 30 without her feeling like she needed the toilet. Then last week we were out and about a lot and she started to panic more and more about not being near a toilet or being able to hold her wee to the point where she wasn't even happy being out in the local park after 30 minutes this morning.

Obviously she needs more help but I'm wondering if CBT may be a better way forward or if the GP should be the first point of call and if anyone has had a similar experience and what worked for you/your child?

amarmai Wed 12-Aug-15 23:10:49

i like to put a very thin pad in my undies just in case. Maybe your dd would feel safer with that too?

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