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accidentally gave baby honey?

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microferret Mon 03-Aug-15 12:11:42

crappity fuckballs - was in our local grocer's and the sweet old man who runs it offered DD (who is 8 months old) a bit of honey waffle. Normally I wouldn't even give her anything with sugar as she's so young but he was trying to be nice and my overly polite side kicked in. She only had a tiny nibble and didn't look at all impressed so I finished it and then I suddenly remembered about infant botulism! confused Has this happened to anyone else? Should I be worried?

sanfairyanne Mon 03-Aug-15 12:13:46

nope nothing at all to worry about. i honestly wouldnt waste another seconds thought on this

PerspicaciaTick Mon 03-Aug-15 12:15:06

I wouldn't worry, it is very, very rare. But be aware of potential symptoms over the next month and remember to mention the honey to a doctor if you end up seeking medical help.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 03-Aug-15 12:17:03

I wouldn't give it another thought OPsmile

microferret Mon 03-Aug-15 12:35:37

marvellous, thanks, I was hoping someone would say that! you're all very nice thanks

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