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Should I take Oliver to hospital?

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heatherxo Sat 01-Aug-15 16:51:43

Oliver is 6 weeks old tomorrow.
Since Wednesday he has been very unsettled, always crying, seems to be in pain when pooing, hasn't been drinking as much milk (ebm & formula) and when he does drink he vomits it all back up.
Today he seems very "lifeless".. Eyes rolling, not responding to sounds, etc..
Should I take him to a&e?

Carrie5608 Sat 01-Aug-15 16:52:41

yes, urgently

Gunpowder Sat 01-Aug-15 16:52:43

Definitely. Hope he's ok.

MrSlant Sat 01-Aug-15 16:53:43

Yes, please do! My DS1 got like this, needed fluids. GO!

gymboywalton Sat 01-Aug-15 16:54:01

Yes, dial 999 unless you can jump in the car straight away

NerrSnerr Sat 01-Aug-15 16:54:03

Yes. Get him seen ASAP.

Quiero Sat 01-Aug-15 16:54:22

Yes, go now.

It's probably nothing, babies are weird but at that age they can become dehydrated very quickly if not feeding well. flowers

girliefriend Sat 01-Aug-15 16:54:56

You really need to ask?! shock

Ring 999 or go to hospital straight away.

PotteringAlong Sat 01-Aug-15 16:55:03

As everyone else said yes, take him now. And let us know how you get on flowers

ThreeQuartersEmpty Sat 01-Aug-15 16:55:12

Yes, I would.

HeisenbergSaysHello Sat 01-Aug-15 16:55:17

Yes, get going asap

KungFuhrer Sat 01-Aug-15 16:56:04

Yes, get there fast!

RitaKiaOra Sat 01-Aug-15 16:56:27

shamrock brew

Kayden Sat 01-Aug-15 17:27:19

I hope your little one is ok. It's really scary when they're ill at that age. flowers

gordonpym Sat 01-Aug-15 20:12:30

I hope you had him see by now. Just wanted to send good vibes.

Nannylookingforafamily Sun 02-Aug-15 00:29:07

Lifeless, eyes rolling, not responding......

I really hope you have taken your baby to A&E...

scatterthenuns Sun 02-Aug-15 00:29:58

Is he ok Heather?

saintlyjimjams Sun 02-Aug-15 00:34:38

Hope you went flowers

hashtagwhatever Sun 02-Aug-15 00:46:50

Yes definitely. Dd had pyloric stenosis with similar symptoms. Needed operating on.

Hope he is ok.

BabyMum1 Sun 02-Aug-15 09:50:35

We had similar when ds2 was only 4 days old, ended up being an infection and had to stay in a week
It's prob the same for ur lo... Good luck x

Fugghetaboutit Sun 02-Aug-15 09:56:08


Pigzoom Sun 02-Aug-15 09:58:01

Hope he's ok and you got to hospital ok

Gunpowder Sun 02-Aug-15 13:13:09

Thinking of you heather. I hope little Oliver is ok.

heatherxo Sun 02-Aug-15 13:18:51

I phoned 111 and they advised to keep an eye on him over night.
He seems ok, isn't as lifeless.
He is still vomiting after every feed and isn't drinking as much as usual. He's also screaming every time he needs to poo, going red and sometimes catching his breath.
Think I'm going to nip him up to the kids hospital today just to be checked over anyways

notapizzaeater Sun 02-Aug-15 13:20:31

If he's being sick all the time he's probably dehydrated and possibly constipated. Can you take him to a walk In centre just for a check up ?

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