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weight gain

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duzzlightyearsmum Fri 31-Jul-15 18:25:12

Just wondering if I should be worried about this. For the record I'm not but just want to check others would feel the same.

DD is 10.5months old. She weighs 17lbs. Head circumference is 45cm.

She has been shuffling since 4.5 months old. Sitting unaided since 3.5/4months. She also crawls. She pulls to standing and walks around furniture. She is constantly moving.

She eats:
a bowl of cereal for breakfast (1 whole weetabix or equivalent)
Half a slice of toast at nursery.
A large portion of a main meal for instance cottage pie (same portion as 2year olds and she finishes it) followed by a portion of fruit and/or a yoghurt.
Then a snacky tea such as crumpets/crackers or the like. And another portion of fruit.
She then also eats a bit of whatever I am having for dinner plus usually some yoghurt and a bowl of cereal before bed.

On top of this she also has a milk feed before bed. And then wakes at least twice in the night for milk. All of her milk is breast milk. All food is made with full fat products.

The bit I'm wondering if I should be concerned about is that she has only gained 1lb since March, so in 4 months. Her head circumference has increased 10cm since birth.

I'm not worried as she seems in proportion and is very happy and developing well. Would anyone else be worried or I am right to not be concerned?

duzzlightyearsmum Fri 31-Jul-15 19:38:06


gordonpym Fri 31-Jul-15 21:21:28

I don't think you need to be worried at all.
The only thing I would change is giving her a proper dinner and not only a bit of yours followed by cereal. Try soups (with a bit of rice maybe) , nice meat/chicken/fish stew , risotto, pasta with bits of veg.
I wouldn't give her cereals for two of her meals. Breakfast is fine, but for dinner, ... no.
The same for the snacks. A cracker is fine if you are outside, but if you are at home, try some fresh food. What about real cheese (not the fake square one), such as parmiggiano or mozzarella if she prefers sweet taste. Let her try olives, avocado, for snack.
Just to let her discover new tastes and not only the plain one such as cereal, toast and cracker for so many meals per day.

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