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Reflux and not feeding properly

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snarferson Thu 23-Jul-15 17:21:29

DD is 10 weeks old. For a few weeks she has been really fussy around feeds and has reduced her feeds from 6 feeds to 5 and only takes 90 to 120mls every feed.
We took her to the gp who diagnosed reflux and prescribed gaviscon and they told us to see the hv to get her weighed.
Over 2 weeks she has only put on 2oz per week. The hv said most babies gain around 4oz per week but it's ok as she is gaining weight. She suggested going back gp and asking for ranitadine.
Even though she is gaining weight I'm worried she is gaining it so slowly. Surely if that carries on she is going to end up really small and it may affect her?
Has anyone got any advice or suggestions as to whether a slow weight gain is ok, or any experience or ranitadine where gaviscon didn't work? I'm quite worried and losing faith. My poor baby is in a lot of pain.

LostMyBaubles Thu 23-Jul-15 17:30:37

I have lots of experience with reflux. Ds1 is 5 soon and still suffers (which is rare didnt want ti scare you)
firstly feeding wise little and often worked better for us rather than bigg feeds as it came out easier with big feeds. Up for at least 30 mins after feed.
Meds wise
- gaviscon
- domperidone (makes stomach empty quicker and therefore less chance to reflux)
- ranitidine
- omperezole. This was most important for us as this reduced acid in the reflux and therefore caused less pain. Hes on 40mg a day which is adult dose.

My ds is tube fed via gastrostomy (tube in stomach)
I would ask for paed referral as some gps wont give domperidone due to a rare side effect (iirc)
high calorie feed will help with weight gain

snarferson Thu 23-Jul-15 17:53:58

Thanks lost sorry to hear about your son.

Do you know if I can insist on a referal or will I have to wait until she drops even more percentiles? They arnt really taking me seriously at the moment.

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