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Is this a bug?

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Nickinoo30 Thu 23-Jul-15 10:44:30

My 2yr old woke upcrying and very hot last night. Without thinking I gave her nurofen which caused her to vomit. We sat up and I syringed water into her for an hour and as she was still hot I decided to try calpol as she was still so hot. She vommed that up within minutes as well.

She then slept on and off all night and has woken up fine and eaten.

Im panicing as im due in hospital tomorrow for an op (gall bladder removal) and im emetophobic.

Timing could not have been worsehmm

Does this sound like a bug or somethibg else?

Pancakeflipper Thu 23-Jul-15 17:36:15

Sounds viral. There are lots of bugs about (but isn't there always).

How is she today?

Some virus's seem to stay with babies and toddlers and not transfer to adults ( better immune systems?). Hope things go well for you.

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