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To leave kids or not???

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yawningmum79 Tue 21-Jul-15 16:38:37

Afternoon fellow mums and dads!

Ill keep this quick since i am at work, i have to work tomorrow for 4 hours and my 2 kids are due to go to MIL's when im out. her son, my BIL is off work today with some sort of tummy bug and im concerned about leaving them in the house in case they pick it up? My kids had a really horrible tummy bug at the end of April ( D&V for 5 days each, overlapping at one point!) therefore im not keen to leave them but literally have no one else and i am the only one at the office tomorrow as we have a bad staffing situation at the moment!

BIL will keep upstairs out the way ( if he doesnt return to work tomorrow ) if kids are there but im worried about them using the loo?? they are generally quite good at washing their hands but if im not there i fear they may get a bit lax! DH thinks im being overly protective but Im freaking out incase they get sick again, plus we are due to go away at the weekend and would hate for them to get sick and miss out too!

Am i being overly cautious and need to ' pull myself together' as my DH says????

Any advice appreciated!

Kent1982 Tue 21-Jul-15 22:31:32

I would just speak to granny and say can you check they keep washing hands im sure she will understand

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