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Orthodontics query. Put my mind at rest?

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spudmasher Mon 20-Jul-15 21:56:40

So DD age 13 had molars growing down from her top palette. The orthodontist has pulled all her teeth forward to make spaces for the molars. Her top teeth now are at about a 30 degree angle sticking out at the front with another nine months of space making for the molars to go into.
I really challenged them today as dd is starting to look rather equine in the front teeth. Ortho number one talked about extracting the molars and corresponding two from the bottom which was the original plan when the molars started coming through in the palette. They got someone in for a second opinion and they decided to continue with the space making. We are two years in. They reckon another year to go.
Is my daughter going to have sticky out teeth forever? I thought that was what orthodontists sorted out? Please wise dental types, put my mind at rest.

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