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six year old & headaches

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Tholeonagain Mon 20-Jul-15 16:43:50

DS, 6, has recently started complaining about headaches, he has done this I think four times over the last few weeks, a week or two apart. They have always been in the evening & he never seems very bothered by them, just tells me & carries on as normal... They are always gone after a night's sleep. I am very anxious about health, particularly the children's health, particularly anything to do with heads.... however I am not sure how seriously to take a complaint that doesn't seem to cause any change in behaviour?? I wonder if he really just means 'I'm knackered'... I know he is.... He has recently had his eyes tested & there are no problems there. I would be interested in opinions as to whether other Mums would go to the GP with this.

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