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DD has impetigo.... School?

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Almostfinished15 Mon 20-Jul-15 09:01:18

DD (who is 15) has got impetigo for the 5th time in 5 years - when she first got impetigo, the Dr said that she couldn't go into school - so to my extreme happiness (don't ask why) she had to miss part of her sats. The following year they still said don't go in but when she as in yr 8 - she was told she was allowed to go in.... Confused....
We went to the Dr last night, she said DD can't go into school for 2 days, but its a RFH prescription and the pharmacies that accept it (excluding the RFH pharmacy which was closed by then) all charge....
DD has three (Well not 2 and a half...) days left of school and a drama controlled assessment tomorrow.... Should she go in or not? The impetigo's on a small area on the side of her mouth which is being covered by a plaster.... Is it fine? Or will other people catch it? And is there any point actually going in when it hurts to open her mouth because the scabs are breaking...
Thanks in advance...

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