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Any Drs about? Advice re DS' earache

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sleepwhenidie Sat 18-Jul-15 04:54:00

DS (9) has a long history of terrible catarrh/nasal congestion. He had his tonsils and adenoids removed at 6 to try and help with this and there was a small improvement but still an ongoing low level issue. No particular pattern (like hayfever) but if he gets a cold it takes him weeks/months to kick it, unlike his siblings. It affects his hearing but formal hearing tests have always come back ok.

Three weeks ago he developed an ear infection and GP prescribed ab's and nasal spray over two weeks and referred to ENT hospital, appt in September. Quite improved but then a week later, one week ago, he started complaining about his ear hurting again. On Monday GP got emergency appt at ENT, which was today. He has been yelling with pain and crying, hardly sleeping or eating all week, had to have as much nurofen and calpol as allowed. Temperature has come back to normal since Thursday morning. The consultant said there's infection but not acute, gave us steroid ear drops and said continue with steroid nasal spray and sterimar and painkillers several times a day. Said it will be a slow process clearing the congestion. Come back in Sept for hearing tests and allergy testing.

We've been doing all that today but he has been awake since 1am, in severe pain (pain is behind his ear) and is really deaf. Nurofen doesn't seem to be touching it sad. It's awful seeing him in such a state, he's lost weight and is (like me and DH), shattered from lack of sleep.

Do I see another doctor tomorrow or stick with the prescribed plan? Should I try and get him stronger pain killers? Can I try natural remedies such as some drops of garlic/ginger oil in his ears or will that interfere with the steroid drops? confused Anyone else with experience/suggestions? sadsad

TortillaDeMaiz Sun 19-Jul-15 00:18:19

If the pain is increasing I would take him again to an OOH doctor or even A&E. Don't wait until Monday and I wouldn't give any home remedy either. I'm sorry your DS is in such pain and I hope he gets better soon. BTW I'm not a doctor but my DC also get ear infections from time to time...

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