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Stomach pains and more

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MumtoAlex11 Thu 16-Jul-15 13:59:09

My son (11) been having stomach pains on and off since October last year. He would get pains around his belly button area, would feel sick, but never is, just would gag a few times. Sometimes burps or goes to to the toilet and says feel a little better. He also get a burning pain in his chest like heartburn. He has got gaviscon to take for that and sometimes it does not help. Sometimes he says he has big hunger pains even though he had food and he should not feel like that. He is being seen by a paediatrician, had blood tests done, urine test, stool sample done, allergy test for milk, peanuts, celiac all clear. Also had a can done on his abdomen. He is on mebeverine at the moment, but do not think it is helping. Also was on antiacid medicine. Since October he would have pain most days and then about 3 weeks nothing, then it would start again. Before Xmas his symptoms gone completely for the occasional heartburn. Then again returned after 2.5 months. At he beginning of this he would be in pain in the morning after started eating and then it would slowly ease away, then sometimes return in the evenings. Lately he has pain some days during the day and then big one in the evening or when put to bed. Not sure what to do anymore. Was keeping a food diary, but nothing seems to suggest he may be intolerant to. There does not seem to be any pattern to it. And he had that 2.5 months with no problems and still kept eating the same stuff as usually. Past couple of days thought trying no to give him milk to see if it helps. He may have milk intolerance? Not sure as has oats with raisins every morning and is fine some days. Now waiting to be seen by a pediatrician again end of August. Even though he is a patient it is impossible to get an earlier appointment. Any idea what it could be please? Any advice is very much appreciated.

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 17-Jul-15 09:21:38

Hi OP,

We're moving this thread over to our Children's Health topic - hopefully you'll get plenty of advice and support there. flowers

chloesmumtoo Fri 17-Jul-15 14:12:59

Hi sounds very similar to our DD 13. We have been going through very similar symptoms for over a year now. Also been on the mebeverine which did not help and was glad to get her off meds to re watch her symptoms. Not a lover of meds as so many side affects and then you cant tell whats causing what. Our DD has allergies already so I do keep up with food diaries although I too have found it extremely difficult to source the problem. She became so bad I could not keep her in school and it was sheer hell with even myself breaking down with the upset in the end . DD started off like your ds. Mornings and evenings. She got put on omeprazole for months and buscopan for spasms. We just hit a bad spell that we lived in the doctors until one put her on a bland diet and cut the omeprazole down by half and requested a peadiatrician appointment. Things improved shortly at that point with the bland diet until it rocketed again. Finally we got her off the omeprazole and gradually tried to introduce foods back slowly, keeping a diary. I have thought assorts from celiac, chrohns to allergies. It became so bad she set off at almost every meal and even drinking water. Pain central above belly button. Life's pretty normal at the min but we live on tender hooks. On the band diet she was setting off badly in the end which was odd as it did help initially. She was having porridge daily for breakfast, I then started questioning an oat intolerance, as i had already tried it without milk. when I started giving her a banana for breakfast instead and she improved. But was not the initial cause as only had porridge since the bland diet, will re try oats in holidays to be sure. I too have concerns with milk and have eliminated milk for few months now. introduced a little cheese recently but not sure yet, still watching as she has had some mild tum pains. going to try a big glass of milk and watch when schools over. Her attendance went so bad I have just been scared to rock the boat. She has been having rice milk with added calcium and nesquick appears to be milk free.

chloesmumtoo Fri 17-Jul-15 15:23:05

My old thread

chloesmumtoo Fri 17-Jul-15 15:53:11

We have had various tests too= celiac-neg, stool calprotectin several times, now- normal (raised only when on omeprazole as it messes up the results), all the bloods checked but no scan. We were questioning her having a camera down when at the worst as was so desperate. We have seen the peadiatrician several times for this problem (doctors I have lost count) he doesn't think it's food/allergy related though. Seeing him again in September due to dd's yearly allergy appointment so will chat about tum again then. Just glad she is settled at the moment but worrying about being off milk for too long. We thought it may have been an ulcer at one point- but so hard to know. Dd didn't have the burning you mention (only when coming off the omeprazole, rebound acid) but did get occassional reflux when the tum pain was bad. The mebeverine made her constipated, the buscopan we found worked better. I expect they will try your ds on omeprazole ppi soon, doctors seem to try them on meds to see what happens rather than have an actual diagnosis. I hate pumping them full of stuff. Dd is already on Movicol, antihistamines & Asthma inhalers. I was glad to get her off the omeprazole, coming off it was sheer hell.

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