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Asthma and extreme heat??

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notquitegrownup2 Thu 16-Jul-15 06:13:03


Off to Spain shortly and the temperatures are in the high thirties, as they have been for a few weeks, I believe.

DS2 has mild asthma - hardly ever a problem - but I have just been remembering when a few years ago a friend's child, with similarly mild asthma, tragically became very lethargic in the heat and sadly died, within a day! The advice was that it was entirely avoidable, if you knew to look for this symptom - no wheeziness, or shortness of breath, just extreme lethargy.

Now I've remembered it, I am trying to get this in perspective. I know the worst scenario. Just wondered if anyone else with a child with asthma has been abroad recently into the heat, and whether they were affected at all?

Thank you

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