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Advice for child "seizure"

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HerRoyalNotness Wed 15-Jul-15 19:33:25

I can only describe as "seizure" as don't know how else to say, but almost like DS2s brain got stuck.

He was fine one minute, then said his body felt funny, vomited, and eyes rolled up to the right. I didn't notice at first, took him to loo where he vomited more, lay him on couch, then noticed he wasn't talking, saw his face, he was looking ashen but not blue tinged, tried to rouse, couldn't so took him to a&e. He would have been in this state 40mins, they gave him atavan (sp?), and transferred him to children's hospital. Stayed in overnight, many tests, ct, chest xray, EEG and bloods, couldn't find anything.

Now have diazepam to give him if it happens again. At follow up appt they want to admit him again for 24hr EEG test.

I'm wondering based on them not finding anything and him being ok for 7 weeks, if we should go ahead with the 24hrs test or if it might be unnecessary.

We are on the US if that makes a difference. It is very much a money thing. His ER admission and one night/day inpatient so far bills are 22k. Our portion is 2500. This is after paying 26k a year in health insurance. I'd expect similar bills for the EEG test if we go ahead.

Any advice?

kissmaass Wed 22-Jul-15 21:23:38

Go - he may have epilepsy but they won't diagnose it as such until he has had two seizures. There can be big spaces of time between them but if he has got epilepsy you need to know and get him on meds to keep him safe. Good luck xx

OftheTwilighttheDarkness Wed 22-Jul-15 21:35:54

You don't need to be admitted for a 24hr eeg. They can put the electrodes on an send you home and then go back in the next day.
I am glad we are in the UK, we have had several eeg (including 24 hr) and MRI and multiple visits to the neurologist with ds's epilepsy.

HerRoyalNotness Wed 05-Aug-15 19:33:04

Thanks for replying, came back to this late. I decided in the end not to proceed at this stage. If it happens again, we'll have him in hospital and have the test then.

I'm not sure if due to his age is why they would keep him in 24hrs {almost 5), I know when they did the shorter one he was very upset and kept trying to pull the bandages off keeping the electrodes on, saying his head was hot etc.. Or if that is just the norm here in invoice happy USA.

With epilepsy, does what he had sound like an episode? I thought it was more body fitting, iyswim, totally ignorant on this, does it present differently in different people?

bananaandcustard Wed 05-Aug-15 21:51:43

there are many types of seizure, and you do need to explore if your child has more serious type. you need to be aware of what to do re using meds and of course what to do if meds dont halt seizure.

Do you think he has had smaller episodes in the build up to this larger episode?

All these questions and many more need to be ruled out and of course safety considerations with regards bathing/showering and swimming need to be reviewed.

HerRoyalNotness Thu 06-Aug-15 00:43:04

I haven't noticed anything unusual building up to it.

I have diazepam to give him if it happens again and he is out more than 3mins and am to call for an ambulance if it happens again. Also have a spare for school when he starts.

He showers with his brother and i am very vigilant with swimming. Will have to mention it to his DF though as he is a bit lax and perhaps make him wear his floaty for awhile longer.

It is a worry, not knowing if it will happen again or when.

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