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2 year old pajamas

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scottspinney Mon 13-Jul-15 20:56:54

child removes pajamas and diapers when put to bed..she can unzip/unsnap outerwear and take off sticky tabs on diapers..she is naked when she wakes up and we are changing sheets daily.
suggestions on wear? zip up back? bottom snaps in back?

Pleaseputyourshoeson Mon 13-Jul-15 21:01:31

Is she getting too hot?
Yes maybe try reversing the babygrown - but you might need to cut the neckline a bit as it might be a bit choking. Or else try a t shirt and leggings type of thing and lay one of those night time disposable bed wetting sheets down under her so that if she does wet the bed once the nappy is off it doesn't mean having to change the sheets. Then when she's fast asleep you could stick a new nappy back on her. My kids wouldn't wake up for that once they were sound asleep so you could try that. Sorry nothing else I can think of!

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