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Could this be the start of Chicken Pox?

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poxychick555 Mon 13-Jul-15 10:21:05

DD came down with chicken pox at the end of last week. DS came home on Friday and was sick. DD is absolutely fine, the pox aren't bothering her at all. DS was sick a few times on Friday but nothing at all until last night (I'd forgotten how awful it is to deal with sick in bed!) and has been sick again today. Looks pale and is tired. Do you think this is the beginning of chicken pox or is it more likely to be a bug? hands out crystal balls

JustinsBrother Mon 13-Jul-15 10:23:33

Dd has been grumpy for a week and we were expecting the pox, she started being sick on Saturday night and we wondered if that was the beginning of it. Doesn't seem to be, seems like it was a (fairly ferocious) bug.

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