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Conjunctivitis, cough and snotty nose.has doc overprescribed? WWYD?

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Shukran008 Sun 12-Jul-15 01:07:09

DD 2yrs has gunky eyes for a few days, took her to doc and they've given me half the pharmacy. I don't live in UK so I'm used to this, but I really don't think every thing is necessary.

Doc said it was infective conjunctivitis, agreed, it's passed onto both eyes and she now has a snotty nose and a cough. The bacteria can travel to the nose and throat apparently. Lungs sounded normal on stethoscope so not deep.

So they've given me...
Nasal spray - Colda Maris- it's an anti viral...
Eye drops - optifresh - used to relieve dry eyes or piss off toddlers
Eye drops - fusidic acid - what the NHS uses to treat conjunctivitis, Antibiotic.
Oral antibiotic - clayrythromycin - NHS give it for whooping cough....dd had it for broncholitis last year
cough syrup - Amydramine - treatment for upper respiratory tract congestion. Antihistamines are mentioned.

So as far as I can see she is being treated for a bacterial infection with antibiotics, anti viral and antihistamines.


CalmYoBadSelf Sun 12-Jul-15 02:09:00

Colda Maris is a saline spray so just moistens and irrigates nasal tissue but no real "medical" effect

Optifresh is just an eye lubricant, again no "medical" effect

Fusidic acid and clarithromycin are both antibiotics so valid only if there is infection, first for the eye and second systemic

Amydramine is an antihistamine combination product so treats symptoms rather than cause but will reduce secretions and suppress cough

I would use the antibiotic eye drops as it sounds like she has an eye infection, only use the clarithromycin if she is unwell, temperature, etc, use the amydramine only when or if the cough and snot are distressing her and forget the others
I'm kind of shocked this type of prescribing still goes on as it is so irresponsible but this is what happens in some healthcare systems

CalmYoBadSelf Sun 12-Jul-15 02:09:55

BTW, have to give a disclaimer here, I am not a doctor and that is just my personal opinion

Shukran008 Sun 12-Jul-15 02:32:57

Thanks Calm, I just couldn't see the wood for the trees!
Everyone complains about the prescribing here, the message just hasn't sunk in. I was hesitant to give her the clarithromycin last year as it could have been viral so giving it to her for a simple cough just seems like madness.
The doctor explained everything he was prescribing but it really didn't seem like that much until I tried to write a schedule for all the 2xday, 3xday etc.

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