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My 7 week old has a cold

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Mrsellington1983 Sat 11-Jul-15 22:36:59

I have two daughters. They are three years two months apart. My first had reflux and was really poorly, and we got thru. My second doesn't but really struggles with wind. She just doesn't bring it up. Now both girls are poorly with colds. Know I can't give DD2 calpol as she is only seven weeks but struggling to see her in pain. She goes thru stages where she can't eat. Anything she eats she throws up. Is this normal? I feel so confident with her in some areas but where she is so different from DD1 I feel scared also. I've put her sickness down to heat as often if I bathe her to bring her temp down she then eats, these last few days that hasn't been working either? I'm just after advice...should I take her to the gp? Or is there anything I can give her? Anyone been here? At first she slept so well but I've been up since half three am and it's now half ten pm! Need to sleep, but not sure I will? Advice please

princessvikki Sun 12-Jul-15 20:27:51

Calpol is from 8 weeks but thats just an average it depends on the child's weight to I would talk to a pharmacist. if you dd is heavy enough its fine. To be honest for the sake of a week I think I would give the calpol anyway if she's suffering.

princessvikki Sun 12-Jul-15 20:30:20

Also for the wind try a dose of infacol before each feed,it worked wonders for my daughter and is safe from birth. Also when you wind her her on your lap and gently move her waist as if she where hola hooping, that was a real little pearl of wisdom my mum taught me it works brilliantly

Mrsellington1983 Sun 12-Jul-15 20:59:45

Thank you princessvikki, i have been giving infacol and have moved on to gripe water. But I will try the hula hoop idea, that's new! Poor dd seems better but very snuffly so am trying to withhold calpol as long as poss!

princessvikki Sun 12-Jul-15 21:26:53

It's weird but it worked for us. Have you tried snuffle babe vapor rub, it's really good I put it on the chest of my dd pj's. Don't use baby olbas oil, it's toxic if they manage to ingest it. saline nasel spray works well for clearing little noses, the best thing I've found though is mum and me bubble bath for snuffles, My hubby had a cold pretty much all the time an my poor dd always manages to catch it, so I've tried it all.

Mrsellington1983 Sun 12-Jul-15 22:21:35

I'll try that tomorrow! She loves her baths so I'll try and get some! Thank you smile

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