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Hip dysplasia or dislocated hip in 8 month old

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shits1 Tue 07-Jul-15 02:35:54

Took ds who was 8 months old last month to the doctor's for a checkup as he had some red things in his stools (stool test turned out normal, it was probably watermelon or undigested fibres?) but as the doctor was examining him, he said his hips felt loose for an 8 month old and said usually they start tightening up by about this time or they feel tighter than this. There could be something wrong and I asked what, and he said maybe dislocated hips. My face must have changed because he then said ok, let's not talk about it, because it could be nothing but he said to give it a month and when I bring him in for his next vaccination or checkup at 9 months he will have a look again and maybe send ds for an X-ray....

We saw another doctor last week, and he examined DS and he says he can't see anything wrong, and he also said an X-ray may or may not be able to see the problem if it is very small, and there isn't any treatment and he will have a limp. And as they get older, maybe a hip op. Is this true??

Has anyone had this, and what were the symptoms? DS is very active and mobile, started crawling very early at around 4 months, and standing just a few months ago and is trying to walk now whilst holding on to furniture. I have read some previous threads on here which say their child who has hip dysplasia was also fully mobile but would like to know more...

I know it isn't really serious but am just a bit down at the moment. My other child had cancer twice and I am not sure if I can deal with something like this if it turned out to be the case.
Any advice from anyone with experience in this would be greatly appreciated.

Lovehorror Wed 08-Jul-15 13:06:43

Hi,my dd was diagnosed at 3,what advice would you like.

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