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I think my son may of swallowed Fruit Shoot cap

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imaginaryboy Mon 06-Jul-15 14:13:42


This is my first post on here so please bare with me.

I have suspicions that my nearly 3 year old son may have swallowed the transparent cap/lid off a fruit shoot bottle.

He was at an indoor play centre where I bought the drink, I was stupidly distracted and he reached for the drink when I saw him pull it with his teeth, head went back and he looked a little shocked, breathed then was fine. he didn't choke or cough.

I approached the lady behind the counter and they assured me that they always remove these before handing them over. its just my stupid fault for not checking prior to him putting it into his mouth.

Hes been fine since as this was 2 days ago. Immediately afterwards, i took him to A&E, the Doctor checked him out and after checking my son over and getting me to act out what happened, the Doctor made the assumption that he didn't swallow anything.

he has had no change in mood, eating normally.

So basically my question is, would a 3 year old toddler be able to swallow such an item as the transparent cap measuring nearly an inch in diameter? and would it be able to pass through him?

or am i threating over nothing smile

Thank you,

BertPuttocks Mon 06-Jul-15 14:17:07

I would be surprised if he'd been able to swallow the cap.

It's far more likely that he was shocked by the sudden rush of juice into his throat.

I'm glad your boy is okay. flowers

Fatstacks Mon 06-Jul-15 14:17:36

Prob best to take him to A+E or walk in center.
My DS swallowed a stone many years ago but pooed it out no problem (he was more than thrilled with the noise that made) but a lid could be tricky.

And in the spirit of mnet shock fruitshoot shocksoft play shock whateverelsewefrownupon.

imaginaryboy Mon 06-Jul-15 14:23:38

Thank you for the replies!

I did take him to A&E right away after it happened, but they said he probably didn't swallow anything as he would of had more of a reaction.

i did think about the juice rushing out.

and yes, never again shall i buy these drinks.

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