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Buckle Fracture of Radius?

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ihearttc Mon 06-Jul-15 10:46:37

DS1 (he's 10) fractured his arm last sunday playing football. They xrayed it at hospital and said it was a Buckle Fracture and they don't cast them but it needed a hard splint which he had to wear for 3 weeks. I queried if he needed a follow up appointment in fracture clinic and they said no.

A week on and he is in a considerable amount of pain. He is not a child to complain about something hurting but he is taking painkillers regularly and still crying that it hurts. Ive taken the splint off for 10 mins a day so he can have a shower but apart from that its been on 24/7. When I looked this morning its still quite swollen in the area where the bone has buckled but not sure if thats usual or not?

Wasn't sure what to do so have made a GP appointment this afternoon so he can decide if we need to go to hospital again. Its his right hand if that makes a difference and he plays cricket so it really does need to heal correctly.

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