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Newborn projectile vomiting worry ...

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Lopsidale Sun 05-Jul-15 22:20:43

I have a 3 week old boy. He has oral thrush which we have been treating with medicine from the doctor, but in the past week he's been projectile vomiting after every feed. He doesn't seem upset about it, he's not got a temperature and he's producing about 8-10 wet nappies a day so he's not dehydrated. I phoned the HV who suggested it was gastric reflux and keep him upright during and after feeding but this hasn't helped. I've read somewhere about Pyloric stenosis, and am worried he could have this (I'm a hypochondriac). Has anyone had a similar thing with their newborn?

Ps we rushed him to the doctors late about three nights ago and they weren't concerned and HV is coming out again this week

Cgow Mon 06-Jul-15 12:02:12

When my little lady was about 2/3 weeks she would projectile vomit quite often I just put it down to the fact she was and still is very windy I thought it just forced it out. Also it would happen if I tried to give her a dummy.. Not sure if you experience the same? She's 6 weeks now and hasn't done it for a long time, if it helps aswell my sisters baby was the same but it carried on for a little while longer than mine. If your still not happy defo speak with the gp and hv as you know your baby. But personally to me sounds pretty normal but I'm no expert x

Mcnorton Mon 06-Jul-15 12:07:14

I had pyloric stenosis as a young baby (42 years ago). I had projectile vomiting and my mum persisted until it was diagnosed (she was told she wasn't feeding me correctly initially, but her instinct was that something more was wrong). I had some of my intestine removed. Apart from a ruddy great scar (surgery then not being as cosmetically good as it is today) no ill effects whatsoever. I know this doesn't help diagnose your son, and it was donkeys years ago, but wanted to reassure you that if he has it it is recoverable from. You may need to be persistent though if he is not recovering.

MissesandMuddles Mon 06-Jul-15 12:18:52

My first born son had PS, he first started projectile vomiting at around three weeks old. Projectile vomiting is very different from normal vomiting, he would be sick and it would hit the nearest thing, person, wall, floor. I was fobbed off as a first time mum, it wasn't until it was 'witnessed' by a Dr (a Dr with sick covered shoes smile) that they started to consider other possibilities. He stopped putting on weight, and then quickly started to lose weight. He was diagnosed by ultrasound at 4-5 weeks but then was in hospital on a drip, nil by mouth for nearly a week to rebalance his bloods. If he's having wet nappies and putting on weight - and that continues - it's probably not PS. I'd go to a drop in now and get him weighed, and then if the vomiting continues you have a weight to compare back to. Have a preschooler and toddler vying for my attention so no time to go into lots of detail but feel free to pm if you would like.

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