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help, should I be worries my sons skin pigmentation has spread???

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penny567 Sun 05-Jul-15 10:11:09

My 6 year old son is fit and healthy, last summer I noticed he had light brown patches comin in the sides if his neck, then over the winter u cudnt really see it, anyway over the past 2 weeks it has got a lot bigger and is starting to go into his face, his teacher even called me in to make me aware that in some cases it can b linked to illness, I am takin my son to the doctors in the morning but I av been googling myself and I think it is hyper pigmentation. Has anyone else suffered with this, is it likely there is an underlying illness we dont no about??shoukd I be concerned that its spread so quickly?? I would appreciate Any advice as im sat here thinkin the worst!!!

CHST Sun 05-Jul-15 16:34:21

Hi there Penny, just over a year ago, my son had what looked like the beginning of a bruise to me. It didn't go away, and over time has got big. It runs down the left side of his torso and he also has separate smaller patches on the same side leg and feet. Anyway, I took him to the doctors after googling and worrying myself sick. The doctor thought either a fungal infection or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. She took a scraping of his skin but couldn't culture anything from it. She has given me some cream which seems to be lightening it but not much else. I am to go back if you are not alone. My son suffers from Ezcema so could be related. Coincidentally, he got bitten by a tick a few years ago in that area which I mentioned to the doc but she didn't seem to think it related. I know how you feel..I see people staring when he goes swimming sad I would go to the doctor or dermatologist. Hyperpigmentation does take a few years to go away she said.

lljkk Sun 05-Jul-15 16:35:57

Dr Google says it's normally harmless.

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