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Chickenpox and nursery

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BrianButterfield Thu 02-Jul-15 10:36:48

DS (3) came out with chickenpox spots on Saturday. In retrospect he had been not right for a few days previously (grumpy, lack of appetite, very tired).

He and DD go to nursery on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday when I work. I was going to send DD in on Tuesday and Wednesday and keep him off on his own but on Monday DD started running a temperature, runny nose, tired and grumpy so I assumed she was coming down with Chickenpox too and have kept her off too.

Now she's still the same but no spots! While DS is better, spots drying up, no new ones and I think would be ok for nursery tomorrow. So do I keep one or both of them off or send them both in? The day off work is a pain but manageable - on the other hand apart from goig to work on Wednesday when DH had them, I haven't left the house since Saturday and have spent all morning listening to DD whinge and cry (unlike her). If she's just got a cold I really don't want another day stuck in but obviously if she's getting chickenpox she's already infectious and we can't go out,

cdwales Thu 02-Jul-15 10:55:46

As Chickenpox is highly infectious it is likely to be that. Remember that we all respond differently to viruses - first it is chance that the virus reaches the particular cells it can hijack and then lots of other factors come into play - antibodies, genes etc. Some people suffer very badly, some not at all and many somewhere in between. Your daugher may develop the spots later or perhaps not but she is likely to be infectious still whilst symptomatic and would be too poorly to go to nursery anyway I expect?
If the nursery is happy (they have to think about other children and their parents of course) I would send you son back and cwtch up with your daughter another day.
Mine were in full-time day nursery (which they loved having started before 7 months) and I know how tricky it can be. but it is only a few years. All the best!

PassMeTheFrazzlesPlease Thu 02-Jul-15 15:40:50

I would send her in to nursery if she is well enough. You could stay at home with her and then end up being off again if she gets chicken pox in a week or two weeks - or she may not get it at all.

I have one at home with chicken pox and the other two are off to nursery as usual. My 4yr old DD has been exposed to chicken pox at nursery twice without getting it, although every other child in the class did!

Ktmummy1 Thu 02-Jul-15 17:56:13

If she has no outward signs of chicken pox, I'd send her in. The incubation period is up to 21 days after exposure so it may take a while for her to come out with it.

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