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Lyme Disease - Facial Palsy

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PitstopPetunia Tue 30-Jun-15 22:13:04

After a rough couple of weeks with neck and head pains and much to-ing and fro-ing to the doctor, my DS has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. On Friday he developed a facial palsy on one side and was then admitted to hospital for 48 hours for intravenous antibiotics.

His general health improved quickly once the antibiotics were given and his facial palsy looked like it was starting to get better after a couple of days but now the other side of his face has also developed a palsy. He's gone from half a smile to no smile.

Has anyone had any experience of facial palsy in relation to Lyme Disease and how quickly you saw a lasting improvement?

If his palsy is getting worse rather than better is that an indication that the antibiotics may not be fully effective?

We keep thinking we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but then things go downhill again.

Thanks for any advice/experience,


Milliways Tue 30-Jun-15 22:16:39

Sorry to hear this. I have no experience of Lyme disease but my DS had a Bell's palsy at age 4 so I understand your concern. He had no improvement for over a week, but at 10 days started to twitch his mouth back up a fraction and then got rapidly better ( with no meds as it was caused by a virus). Can the docs give you an idea of how long they expect recovery to be?

Lweji Tue 30-Jun-15 22:27:06

Is he still in hospital?
I'd ring them for advice or go A&E just in case.

PitstopPetunia Tue 30-Jun-15 22:47:29

Thanks for your responses.

We're going to check it out with the GP although they weren't too certain about the treatment for palsy when it initially presented. Hospital consultants seemed to have clearer knowledge but as the palsy seemed to be improving when he was discharged we didn't really ask them about the possibility of it getting any worse.

Hopefully GP will check out the situation with the Hospital or refer us back. We're due a hospital check up in 2 weeks but that seems such a long way away.

His general health is much better so I'm trying not to panic but it's a worry nevertheless.

INickedAName Tue 30-Jun-15 22:50:29

I'm sorry your DS is having health problems. flowers

I don't have any info on Lymes disease but when I was 12 (35 now) I got Bells Palsey. I woke one morning and couldn't move or feel the left side of my face. My mum thought I'd had a stroke. It affects lots of people differently, some people recover fully and regain full movement and feeling over time, others don't. I personally still can't move my left side fully, I can only move one eyebrow and when it's winter I feel my droop is noticeable and my left eye waters an awful lot, and I hate having photos taken. I know people who were totally fine a few months later, but it took a good year before I felt any improvement. Treatments have changed now, but at the time, I had a brain scan (all clear) and was given some face massages/excercise to do daily (which I still do) and told time will do the rest.

If you have concerns I'd ring for advice, if only just to put your mind at rest. It must be very stressful and worrying for you. I have everything crossed that your DS makes a full recovery.

Lweji Tue 30-Jun-15 22:52:06

Actually, I'd ring the department he was treated in tonight, if they answer, or contact their A&E.
Or just pop in.

I wouldn't want to leave it till tomorrow with worsening symptoms after antibiotic treatment.

And doctors always say they'd rather send you home with nothing, than that important treatment is missed.

PitstopPetunia Wed 01-Jul-15 19:14:27

Spoke to the consultant today. He confirmed that the worsening palsy is side-effect of the Lyme Disease and should get gradually better over time but that if DS also develops a squint to let him know immediately.

We have a check up with the consultant booked in 2 weeks.

Thanks so much for the responses. It's helpful to hear about other experiences and possible outcomes. I'm hopeful that DS will make a full recovery over time and, after hearing that it took Avril Lavigne 3 months to get a diagnosis, I'm very thankful that in DS's case it only took 3 weeks (even though it felt like an eternity)!

INickedAName Thu 02-Jul-15 11:21:01

Thanks for updating.

I hope everything is positive for your next appointment.


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