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Does this sound like a urinary tract infection?

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Upinthestars Sun 28-Jun-15 11:39:25

My ds is 6 and usually very fit and healthy. Health wise he has been fine but he has been going to the toilet very frequently, often at short notice (and occasionally caught short).

He has always worn night time nappies - I have not been worried really, I wet the bed until I was about 9 or 10 (it was called a "sensitive bladder" then and I just grew out of it) - but every night for the past week he has woken wet as the nappies are sodden. He is well within the weight range so I don't think going up a size is necessary and it seems odd that it is occurring the same time as his increased need for the loo. I am not sure whether he is drinking more, or whether I am just noticing him doing it more. He has always been very good at drinking water and just helps himself during the day.

So, does this sound like a UTI (or something else?) Should I take him to the Dr's? (The last time I took him was to confirm he has Molluscum contagiosum. He had a bad case of eczema too, so I thought I had better get him checked it wasn't something worse, and the Dr treated me as if I was massively wasting her time)

Thanks for any advice.

reni1 Mon 29-Jun-15 10:55:30

Does it hurt when he urinates? Is the urine cloudy? Does it smell bad?

Seeline Mon 29-Jun-15 10:57:54

When I have a UTI I need to wee frequently, but there is often very little wee (TMI!) I don't seem to produce more, it's just the need that increase. And it really hurts to wee. I would go to the GP - is there another one you can see?

Upinthestars Mon 29-Jun-15 16:16:18

Thanks for the replies. I forgot to phone at 8 (the only time you can call for an appointment at our surgery hmm) this morning as I was fully entrenched in morning getting-to-school routine. Bad mummy....

Anyway, he seemed a bit better yesterday and doesn't seem to be rushing to the loo and didn't wet the bed so fingers crossed he's getting better.

reni1 - he doesn't seem in any pain and it doesn't smell odd.

Seeline - he's definitely weeing as much, if not more.

I will keep an eye on him and have my fingers crossed it's down to the warmer weather and just drinking more!

Thanks again

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