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Is this a normal heart rate for a 3yo?

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ChuckyDuck Sun 28-Jun-15 00:44:28

My daughter has quite severe asthma so I have a pulse oximeter to use at home. I'm a little concerned as whenever I check her o2 levels the alarm always sounds for her heart rate even when she's sleeping, I've never seen it below 120bpm, its usually around 130-160 although it can go up to 200 at times.

I know ventolin etc does increase the heart rate so do these stats seem normal? I have anxiety when it comes to DDs health due to her asthma and find it hard to decide when I'm worrying too much. Obviously I will mention it at her next review. Thanks.

Spamminit Sun 28-Jun-15 00:50:38

Hi, it wouldn't hurt to ask your GP for advice and provide the readings and if it is after medication etc. 200 bpm is high, but I feel a GPs view and reassurance would put your mind at rest. smile

KeepPloddingOn Sun 28-Jun-15 00:56:31

Children have a higher resting heart rate.
Babies heart rate is normally 120-165bpm.
I'm not sure at what age this normalises to the 60-80bpm of an 'adult' which is what your oximeter is likely to be calibrated to.

obviously ask your GP but 120-160 redting is probably normal. 200 may be an issue.

OhEmGeee Sun 28-Jun-15 22:21:46

That is quite high, especially if she's asleep. 200 is extremely high, even for a baby. Is it connected properly? Good signal? I would see your GP.

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