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Mole just appeared on 8 year olds face

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oneowlgirl Sat 27-Jun-15 20:34:04

Just this evening I've noticed a small mole on my DS's chin - is this normal? I will take him to the GP as soon as I can get an appt but thought I'd ask on here for info (if it makes a difference, I'm freckley & have a few moles but none of my DC are & don't have many freckles at all). TIA

oneowlgirl Sun 28-Jun-15 09:26:20


oneowlgirl Sun 28-Jun-15 11:17:58


IvyWall Sun 28-Jun-15 11:20:25

Quite normal

switchitoff Sun 28-Jun-15 11:42:48

I'm pretty sure it's nothing to worry about. Personally I wouldn't make a GP appointment just for that, but would mention it in passing next time I happened to take the DC to the doctor for something else.

DS was born with 2 moles on his face and has grown two more on his face in the past few years. When he was younger he dug one of them off his skin with his fingernails (yuk!) but it grew back over the next few months. I mentioned it to the GP the next time we were there and he shrugged. Didn't seem in the slightest concerned.

Allgunsblazing Sun 28-Jun-15 11:45:58

Moles appear and dissapear all the time, I wouldn't worry.
DD was born with several large ones, we keep an eye on them, once a year I take a photo with a ruler next to it.

oneowlgirl Sun 28-Jun-15 14:12:42

Thank you all - I didn't realise it was quite common for them to appear / disappear & it shocked me last night when I saw it. I think I will still make a GP appt as I will worry a lot otherwise but that info makes me feel a lot better today. Thank you!

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