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Thumb Hypoplasia

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Furiosa Wed 24-Jun-15 21:04:43


My DD was recently born with thumb hypoplasia of the right hand (type 4). We have a referral to a plastic surgeon and as I understand they will most likely recommend the thumb is removed and discuss the possibility of repositioning her index finger into a usable thumb.

Does anyone else here have experience of this? I'm hoping to talk with other parents who have decided for or against surgery on their DC's hand(s) and the outcome.

Although it wasn't mentioned to us at the hospital we have also discovered that many people with thumb hypoplasia also have associated cardiovascular, neurological and/or gastrointestinal problems.

I would really appreciate any advice or experiences that people would be happy to share concerning this issue too.

We've been looking on the internet but most stuff we can find is regarding DD's condition rather than people's experience. I'm feeling a bit lost.

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