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DD, 16 with hearing probs

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Morporkia Wed 24-Jun-15 16:01:52

Hi all, hoping for advice and info on this if poss.. 16 yo DD has suffered from ear infections, wax build up and intermittent hearing loss for last few years. GP regularly prescribed anti biotics and ear syringing, and he didnt think it was serious enough to refer her to ENT. after she had her ears syringed for 4th time in 1 year i changed docs and the new one referred her to ENT straight away. she has seen 2 registrars, both of whom said she was prone to wax build up, only her conductive hearing (middle ear) is affected and she has narrow ear canals, so basically deal with it.. when i received a call from her school to say she was freaking out because she had gone completely deaf in one ear i made an emergency appointment with ENT and we actually saw the consultant. he took one look and said she had cholesteatoma, a kind of destructive growth in her middle ear.. this is what has been causing the conductive hearing loss and is possibly due to damage done when she had grommets fitted. he said she will need surgery to remove growth and reconstruct the small bones. whats confusing me is that he said the op should be done sooner rather than later, but then handed me some anti biotic ear drops and told us to come back in a month to re-assess her! we go back to ENT tomorrow. hoping he says op will be very soon as she starts college in september and wants to be able to hear what people are saying... her school life suffered because of all this and she exhibited some challenging behaviour, especially in the last 18 months, mostly down to not being believed when she said she couldn't hear, feeling isolated and being accused of being constantly "shouty"... because of her "shoutiness" being perceived as aggression she was banned from prom. i just feel that if my old gp had taken notice of me, we could have had a system in place to avoid all of this :-( sorry for the long post

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