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11yo girl frequent sickness bugs and more

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Babyfeet78 Tue 23-Jun-15 22:25:27

Hi, my eldest is 11 years old, when she was a baby she had very nasty nappies, being my first I wasn't aware but others had told me and since having another child I can say they were bad.
At 6 years old following a number of sickness bugs and bad bellies she was in hospital for a week with what they could only put down to a bowel
In the past 5 years she has had recurrent sickness bugs at approx 3 monthly intervals.
She has been tested for celiac but they said it wasn't likely, they couldn't rule it out but said it didn't seem an issue.
(TMI sorry) for the past year she has had heavy sticky bowel movements and the occasional bleeding, which I think is from straining.
She has begged me not to take her to the doctor but as she is now suffering with another sickness bug and is off school (3rd occasion this year) again I feel I've got no choice.
Am wondering if anyone has had a similiar experience?
Although our doctors are very good with obvious ailments I've not found them very quick to investigate.
Thanks in advance!

bettysviolin Wed 24-Jun-15 14:13:05

Have they tested her for parasites? You can pick up bugs like giardia in UK quite easily. It has symptoms like you describe, and is treatable but is serious if left for ages. I'd ask for them to do parasite and bacterial tests.

Have they tested for milk allergies? You can get those symptoms if allergic to dairy. No harm in taking her off dairy products, wheat and processed sugar for a while to see if things improve.

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