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8 year old boy very sweaty with a exercise. Is this normal?

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Simplemind Mon 22-Jun-15 17:05:30

Ds is 8 years old. Recently I have noticed that when he charges around his face will literally drip with sweat. He is very skinny so not a weight issue. Is it just his age or something to worry about. He had a query heart murmur recently which has been investigated by peadiatrician and decided it is innocent but it has made me more over cautious.

lljkk Mon 22-Jun-15 22:32:57

some kids sweat a lot more than others I notice, when I helped out with yr3s doing PE. No idea why!

tacal Tue 23-Jun-15 21:00:42

My ds does sweat a lot. His hair and socks are always wet. He is very active and gets very hot! But he has always been this way. Maybe if it is a recent thing with your ds you should mention it to his doctor, if you are worried.

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