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7 month old tummy bug

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fanjowanjo Sun 21-Jun-15 21:29:52

Fever of 38.5 degrees, head feels very hot. I no longer have the syringe for calpol so giving it to her on a spoon. How many spoons can I give her?

She is doing yellow liquid poos and projectile vomited yesterday just once.

We have some diarolyte Relief and I read it can be used for 3 months old and above "under medical guidance." Can I use it for DD?

fld14 Sun 21-Jun-15 22:46:39

Over 6 months you can give 4 lots of 5ml spaced at least 4 hours apart over a 24 hr period. Use a cool wet flannel placed on top of the head to cool the baby. Do give regular cool fluids. Diarolyte is best as it replaces lost body salts. If you have it you can also give a non paracetamol based pain relief such as calprofen which is ibruprofen based. DO NOT give 2 different paracetamol based products. If the fever continues to rise and/or the diahorrea continues contact the out of hours doctor for advice. I hope this helps.

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