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Very windy breastfed baby - any advice?

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LMonkey Sun 21-Jun-15 21:23:12

My LO is about to turn 16 weeks and for about the last 4 weeks she has been getting terribly windy during feeds, to the point where she comes off the breast every few seconds crying, I then burp her, sometimes manage to get a burp out, sometimes not, but regardless of this she will then go back on the boob for a few seconds, suck away then the same thing will happen again. It makes feeding a complete nightmare, as I don't feel that she usually gets a decent feed and will be hungry again soon after (and she has always been a hungry baby anyway). My diet hasn't changed so I don't know why this would have suddenly happened. I get the feeling that my milk flow is very fast and maybe she takes it back too quickly. My HV suggested I express a bit before feeding but that didn't seem to make a difference. I've tried gripe water but that made her vomit and infacol I find to be very hit and miss, usually miss. It makes feeding in public rather troublesome and I spent the whole time round the in-laws today trying to feed a screaming baby - without having an entire boob on display! Weirdly her bedtime and nighttime feeds seem to be OK so that's good. Any suggestions?

PosterEh Sun 21-Jun-15 21:28:35

I think they can just go through fussy phases with feeding. Four months is particularly bad for this. You could try leaning back a bit whilst feeding to let gravity slow the flow but you might find that in a few weeks things will settle down anyway (although it felt to me like another problem would pop up the minute one was resolved).

Ktmummy1 Mon 22-Jun-15 15:16:28

My initial thoughts are either teething as my ds is struggling with feeding because of this, he seems v uncomfortable; tummy ache-has your lo done a poo today; final thought is tongue tie although seems unlikely if feeding was going well until recently. Hope it soon improves.

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