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Tiny baby and thyroxine

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parisblue Fri 19-Jun-15 15:03:59

My five-week-old, who was born prematurely and hasn't yet reached his due date, has low thyroid hormone levels and been prescribed oral thyroxine. The doctor prescribed pills rather than a solution of thyroxine because the former are apparently better absorbed; however, they have to be crushed and mixed with breastmilk. Can anyone advise how much breastmilk is necessary? Will a hand-expressed squirt do, or do I have to break out my pump as I don't hand-express easily? Any tips on spoon-feeding a tiny person? It's only one teaspoonful a day, potentially two if he possets first time, but we may be doing this for years. Advice welcome!

jwpetal Fri 19-Jun-15 15:15:20

Hi. I wouldn't think you need much breast milk. Just enough to make it easy to be swallowed. I think trial and error really.
I had other medication and found syringes the easiest particularly when mine were little.

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