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Is this teething or something more?

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Iona1651 Sun 14-Jun-15 21:36:30

My DD is 11 months and has been a reasonably good eater and sleeper - until recently. She had really really bad diahorrea a couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday, and because the docs wasn't open, 111 sent us to A & E. We got her checked, the doc said it was probably just her teeth and not to worry. However, she still isn't eating, just picking bits and is filling nappies like no tomorrow, which as leaking everytime more or less and are VERY smelly. She's generally not herself, wants to be picked up, then doesn't want to be held and wants to go down, but cries when you put her down. She's been waking in the night, even after Calpol, every hour or so and not settling, trying to sit up and screaming sometimes. She was sick the night before last, she'd had Calpol and some yoghurt as we'd thought she was hungry. She hasn't been sick today. My husband thinks this is something more than teething but I'm not sure, especially after the hospital visit - any comments please?

summerlovingliz Sun 14-Jun-15 21:51:27

Does sound like it could well be just teething but I would take her to the GP in the morning and see what they say, hope things improve soon

Iona1651 Mon 15-Jun-15 21:35:23

Hi. Seems it could be a bit of teething and a bug too as this morning I was sick and my DH has diahorrea. We've done shifts looking after her/going to bed and I'm feeling a lot better - my Dh is still ill though. Our DD seems to have improved, although no dirty nappies at all today so seems she's gone the other way now! Hoping for a full night of sleep - for us all. Thanks for your reply.

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