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3 week old awful wind

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Scaredmum1 Sun 14-Jun-15 13:11:31

Very windy three week c section baby... Help! !! Oh here goes.. After reading these blogs for last 3 weeks I'm desperate for some advice. My LO is suffering from wind really badly. First we were on TT bottles with aptimal and infacol and she guzzled them down and then spent over an hour struggling to get wind up. We have since switched to Dr Brown's bottles and whilst she seemed more content at first she now thrashes in pain as she trumps.. although does brings wind up when burping. If you lay her down she thrashes around. As a last ditch attempt we're now trying cow and gate first. Only had one feed on this and she screamed through most of it. She also is feeding less with Dr Brown's anyone make any suggestions? As a c sect mummy I'm still in agony and everything is so overwhelming I feel I'm not bonding with my baby sad

ancientbuchanan Sun 14-Jun-15 23:45:42

I didn't want this to go unanswered as it's horrid. I'm limited in advice as I ebf'd but DS had reflux and wind. If you were bfing I could tell you what to do. I would pop in to see your hv and give your NCt counsellor a buzz.

It could be she is intolerant of something. With DS, we found he was only comfy in one position, upright, held by us.

Don't worry about the bonding. It will almost certainly come, perhaps when she first smiles. But. If you find yourself getting depressed, do something àbout it.


samalulu Tue 16-Jun-15 00:40:34

Also a C sect mummy and get what you're saying about bonding completely. Don't worry as poster above says it really will come - you're doing a brilliant job - it's so hard when they're small and can't tell you how to help! I had one with reflux and one with colic and found baby massage helpful with both (did the NCT course), and gently holding legs and doing slow backwards cycling. My DD would only settle and bring up wind if held upright - and I had to stand or walk if I sat down he'd cry again! I also used infacol with No.2 but it only works if you keep using it so persevere. Good luck flowers

huhpuh Tue 16-Jun-15 00:55:36

My sympathies; I have a 12 week old who has just come out of the other side of this. Symptoms the same as yours. What worked for us - Dr Browns bottles, switching to comfort formula (C&G this time but used Aptimil with my first dd) and the passage of time. My little one started to improve after about 9 weeks (sorry if that seems like ages away, you will get there!). HV and GP just trotted out the "colic" line so not much help there. After two babies with the same issues, I guess I just bake babies with immature digestive systems that take 2-3 months to settle down. No long lasting harm in my eldest, it's just a good thing that they can't remember the early days!

TeamEponine Tue 16-Jun-15 01:51:58

My DD was also born by CS. She was horribly windy and we worked out in the end that she has both reflux and cows milk protein intolerance.

Try searching on here for threads about babies with reflux. There are loads of hints and tips that really help. Tummy massage, bicycle legs and a warm bath also really help to get the wind out.

Good luck. You're doing a great job. The early days can be tough. Try to enjoy lots of skin to skin cuddles to help you feel like you are bonding more. X

purplemurple1 Tue 16-Jun-15 04:56:02

With ours we found splitting feeds and winding after every few ozs helped.
Also made him eat a little slower as he was quite a gulper.

Propping up the head end of his cot.

Letting him doze lent forward with my hand on his belly so he got past the over tired stage got up his wind and then could sleep.

huhpuh Tue 16-Jun-15 06:19:31

Also should add that my DD fed very slowly on Dr Browns, especially with comfort milk which is thicker. So I replaced the teats from the ones that came with the bottles to the 3 months ones (she was 4 weeks at the time). This improved her feeding amount and time.

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