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Experience with glue ears in toddlers. Can it change daily?

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Brambles35 Sat 13-Jun-15 16:33:36

My son (19mo) got referred for and had a hearing test 2.5 months ago because his speech wasn't developing and didn't always respond to his name etc. He babbles but no words etc. he was diagnosed with glue ear in both ears. Due to go back for second test next month.

I also have other concerns which look like they could be autism related so currently in the process of being looked at for that. But.....

When I collected him from nursery yesterday he.....
- was walking! (He can normally manage a maximum of about 5 steps before falling over as if his balance is really affected) got home and he was constantly on his feet.
- pointed at a bottle of water to tell me he was thirsty
- finished his beaker of milk and gave me the empty beaker as if to ask for more
- mimicking my sounds, he was copying me saying mumma and dog etc which he doesn't normally do.
- we sat and read a book in which he pointed at the pictures (never usually points or even has any interest in reading books together
- was going through his toy box and every time he pulled out a toy which made a sound looked at me excitedly with excellent eye contact etc.

Soon after I picked him up we went to the supermarket and some dogs barked from a car the other side of the car park. I could tell by his face that he heard and was really excited, we went into the shop and he kept looking around as if he was hearing for the first time! So I've put all of the above changes in behaviour down to his sudden ability to hear and woke up this morning feeling relieved that we could potentially rule out the autism possibility but he's back to how he was before and also back to rubbing his ears.

Does anyone else have any experiences like this? Can glue ear spontaneously clear for a day then come back? Anyone else see such a dramatic change in toddlers abilities etc after clearing/grommets etc? Looking for a tiny Ray of hope sad

Brambles35 Sat 13-Jun-15 17:28:43


Brambles35 Sat 13-Jun-15 19:49:32


DeeWe Sun 14-Jun-15 12:27:36

My experiences with ds, who has bad glue ear (he's on his 3rd set of grommets) is that, yes it does fluctuate. And particularly can clear over the summer. Also if you've been swimming/washed hair and water has got into the ears it can be worse and things like that.

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