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8yo - constant snotty nose

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fruitscone Mon 08-Jun-15 09:17:28

My almost 8 year old has a very persistent runny nose. In the winter she had a constant snotty nose (very green thick snot - sorry TMI) which went on for about six months. She was otherwise fit and well, eats fine, is physically fit and quite sporty.

She lost her two front upper teeth around this time and I wondered if this was the cause (they took a while to come out, her gums looked a little inflamed and the new teeth struggled to come through). No-one I know can confirm this might be related - could this be the reason?

She is currently on week four of her next green snotty nose. It is really quite grim as she is not good at blowing her nose. Even her music teacher has raised it with me!

I haven't been to the doctor as basically she isn't ill. But should I be doing something? I guess it can't be hayfever as then it would surely just be clear and runny?

I wonder if I am missing something?

Stripysecrets Mon 08-Jun-15 21:36:53

Could you try boosting her immune system? Actimel drinks, strong Vitamin c, some of the 'good bacteria' supplements holland and Barrett do?
Also, Not to say she doesn't wash her hands well as I'm sure she does, but I would also try showing her how to wash her hands rally thoroughly with lots of soap. Encourage her to do this before she eats etc.
I would also give her mattress and room a really thorough clean (including hoovering mattress or steam cleaning if pos) and washing all her bedding on 60 degrees.
I would try it for a month and see if it's made any difference! smile

fruitscone Mon 08-Jun-15 22:34:10

Thanks Stripysecrets - I don't think her immune system is off track because this is the girl who is never off ill. She is really 'well' and the nose thing seems out of kilter with the rest of her.

One think I have been thinking about is if she drinks too much milk. It is her drink of choice and I seem to remember that that makes you more 'mucousy' - could that be a factor??

greencybermummy Tue 09-Jun-15 22:59:31

Similar issues here. We've had recent success with saline spray up each nostril. Dr explained possibly chronic sinus infection. The theory is the saline attacks the bugs and helps clear it. Blow nose and really clear out first!

fruitscone Wed 10-Jun-15 07:46:49

Thank you greencybermummy - I will get one of those and try it.

Wouldn't you know it, since i posted on here, the nose of snot doom seems to have cleared up finally (after four weeks) but I know it will return so I will bear the saline spray in mind. I had wondered about sinuses but she had never complained of headaches which I associate with sinus probs.

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