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Sleepy and uncharacteristically cheerful after bump on head... Should I worry??

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songbird54 Mon 08-Jun-15 06:07:55

Last night my DS (aged 11 months) was trying pull himself up on the back of a dining chair when it fell over backwards on top of him. He cried for a minute at most and then was laughing again very quickly. It was one of our more lightweight ones and he was on carpet so I wasn't unduly concerned, but he has been very sleepy overnight. He pulled himself to standing in his cot at around 10pm and seemed very drowsy and confused (which does happen normally anyway), so I laid him back down and he went straight back to sleep. Then his angel care monitor alarm went off at 4.50am, which almost never happens, so I rushed in and I think he had just rolled off it. The sound didn't even wake him tho...

I woke him up myself at 5.15am and he was quite cuddly and smiled and made eye contact with me. It is very dark in his room so I took him in the bathroom to check him a bit more thoroughly. He blinked at the light and smiled a bit more, then waved at himself in the bathroom mirror. I put him back in the cot and he snuggled up and fell back asleep again. I noticed a vomit stain on his sheets.

Thing is, normally he is a real grump if he gets woken up and he's not a cuddly baby at all. The second he's up he thrashes about and wants to run off, and usually I can't get him to make eye contact when I'm holding him.

Should I worry?? Considered ringing 111 but feel silly saying 'my baby had a minor head bump, was sleepy at night time and is in a very good mood'... But I have a nagging feeling about it.

adoptmama Mon 08-Jun-15 13:21:48

If you think he has vomited and is sleepy you should take him to A&E for a concussion check.

Tomuchcake Thu 11-Jun-15 00:52:23

How is he now?

This was awhile ago now, but I would of said yes to a
A&E, sleepy, bit of vomit and change of character, definitely

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