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barleyteddy Wed 03-Jun-15 20:43:42

Hi all my DD has developed one spot on her tummy which looks like it could be chickenpox. Apparently it's going round at her nursery….she seems slightly under the weather but is still active and running around playing. I noticed this spot about 14 hours ago and there's no sign of any other spots appearing. What should i expect over the next few days? What if no other spots appear and she continues to be well…has she had chickenpox or not? Obviously if more spots appear overnight and tomorrow the diagnosis will be more clear cut. Just looking for anyone else's experience with chickenpox, especially if only one spot.

moregranny Fri 05-Jun-15 16:41:32

My son had 1 spot on his leg, that was all, his sister caught chickenpox off of him and was covered inside and out, strange isn't it :-)

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